CasinoCoin: Eminence Enters a New Age

June 27, 2022

Eminence Holdings has agreed to a deal which will see it repaying all external investments, with full control and ownership being in the hands of its founders.

Daniel Keller, CTO stated “This has always been our goal, and being able to complete this in a much shorter timescale than originally planned is testament to the achievements we’ve made. Since establishing CasinoCoin on the XRPL, we have secured some incredible partnerships, implemented real-world utility, and expanded our community. The last few months alone have also seen significant brand coverage through our headline sponsorship of tv programs and motorsport events.”

As is typified by these events, some restructuring will be taking place — commenting on this Keller said “Last year we recognised we needed some help in ensuring our product and operational profiles were optimised in order to ensure we approached the regulated gambling market in the right way. We secured the services of two titans of the online industry Mark Robson, as CEO, and Lisa Karran as COO. With over 3-decades of experience between them, they were able to deliver so much more than this, and their input has been pivotal in getting us to where we are today, and their contacts ensured our pipeline is stronger than ever. As we move forward, we have agreed that the business is now where it needs to be to enter this new phase, and we know what we need to do to continue our incredible trajectory without them. This is a great milestone for us and I am incredibly grateful for what Mark and Lisa have done, we may be parting professionally, but we are all ending this chapter on this highest of highs.”

Speaking about his time with the business, Robson stated “I have worked with many entrepreneurs and I know what drives them. Seeing how passionate Daniel and the team are about their products and objectives really drove me to ensure we could exceed expectations. Helping to deliver this in what is currently a challenging climate is something I am incredibly proud of. I know Daniel has some more announcements and fantastic quick-wins ahead — I will remain a member of the CasinoCoin community & look forward to sharing their future successes.”

Karran added “I love helping businesses in their early stages, and I was able to bring my experience to ensure we navigated our way to our current position — well ahead of expectations. We remain good friends with Daniel and the team and it’s great to know we achieved fantastic things together”.