CasinoCoin Lobby: NFT Integration

CasinoCoin is expanding its usability and features by adding NFT support to its flagship product the CasinoCoin Lobby. This will be piloted with RockNRolla Casino, a popular online casino platform. The addition will see the CasinoCoin Lobby integrate support for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), allowing users to utilize digital assets, as well as unlocking the avatar section of the CasinoCoin Lobby.

One of the key features of the integration will be the ability for users to unlock bonuses and other perks based on the ownership of specific NFTs. This includes those issued by Eminence in the future, as well as projects we are collaborating with. These NFTs can then be used to access exclusive features, providing an added layer of engagement and excitement for players. These features will include bonuses, lottery tickets, vanity accounts, exclusive merchandise and more.

This development is just the latest step for CasinoCoin and its continued efforts to innovate and stay ahead of the curve in the online gambling industry. By providing its user base with new and exciting ways to interact with their favorite casino games and NFTs, the project is positioning itself as a leader in the space and is sure to attract even more users and enthusiasts in the future.

The combination of NFTs as proof of ownership and gaming is revolutionary and allows users a more interactive and exciting gaming experience. NFTs have been on a rise in the past few years and have recently been introduced on the XRP Ledger. With the entry of CasinoCoin into this emerging market, it will be exciting to see these changes and how players will use NFTs to interact with their favorite casino games.

In summary, CasinoCoin’s expansion of its partnership with RockNRolla will bring the exciting world of NFTs to the online casino platform, providing users with new ways to collect, trade, and use digital assets while also making use of CasinoCoin’s technology for fast, secure, and compliant transactions. This is a step forward into the future of online gambling and it’s sure to be a hit among players and enthusiasts.

Daniel Keller, CTO of Eminence, added: “While we have been a long time supporter of XLS-20 on the XRP Ledger, we think it is important to unlock more than just the aspect of art. I have been very vocal about the current state of NFTs and I am more than happy to put action behind my words. The way our integration works will allow operators to dip their toes into this exciting technology with little to no effort. As a proof of concept, this allows operators to tap into NFTs without being exposed to the hardships of the technology. We are aiming to begin beta testing in Q1.”