CasinoCoin: Lobby v0.3.5

CasinoCoin Lobby version 0.3.5 is now available in the XUMM Wallet.


Integrated Shop

  • We’ve integrated the beta version of the CasinoCoin Lobby Shop. The first item that can be purchased is the package for the Malta Poker Festival. With the Deposit Anything feature, you can purchase items from the CasinoCoin Lobby shop with any liquid XRPL token. We will be rolling out more items soon.

Trustline Detection (onboarding)

  • Previously the CasinoCoin Lobby would get stuck in a loop if players did not have the CSC Trustline set on application launch. Presently, if the trustline is not set, it gives the player the option to create one within the Lobby.

We’re always excited to see the development of new features in the CasinoCoin Lobby. This update also provides several small bug fixes as we seek to improve and maintain the software. In the near future, we will be adding more items such as merchandise to the store.

Malta Poker Festival Includes:

  • 4 night accommodation at 5* Hilton Hotel
  • 1 CasinoCoin Cup buy-in
  • Access to Club Level 22
  • Buffet during tournament play
  • VIP concierge service

October 27–31


CasinoCoin Cup Trophies — Malta Poker Festival

When you place an order for the Malta Poker Festival in the shop, you will receive a confirmation email. We will follow up with an additional email with more details. If you need help with flights or other services, we are happy to support you.