CasinoCoin: The Ti Project

For years, scientists have brainstormed for ways to combine cryptocurrency and titanium. Today we’re excited to announce that we’re doing it first! CasinoCoin has partnered with the Ti Project to offer merchandise for our biggest fans.

Built with a private label drop shipping business model, the Ti Project takes advantage of their laser equipment’s versatility to produce highly custom designs with a quick turnaround time. This grants brands like CasinoCoin the ability to have designs made with their branding and offer them to their audience for commission on each sale. Now brands can easily offer relevant and valuable merchandise to their audience and open a stream of income. This model gives The Ti Project the advantage of authentically being able to address a vast number of highly targeted niches with virtually zero ad spend.

The Ti Project offers a wide variety of titanium and steel merchandise such as keychains, bottle openers, and dog tags with your favourite cryptocurrency branding laser engraved. You can even take it a step further and request for the Ti Project to anodize your items.

Tyler Boone (founder, Ti Project) is a Georgia Tech mechanical engineering graduate. He became interested in cryptocurrency back in 2019, when he first discovered XRP. He subsequently began expanding his holdings into other ecosystems including CasinoCoin. In fact, the first titanium products Tyler made were for the CasinoCoin project in July, 2021.

We’re delighted that the Ti Project is officially part of the #CSCNation. They join D’CENT Wallet as official CasinoCoin partners related to physical merchandise. As we continue to build, expect more surprises to be in store!

Click the link to enjoy 10% off for the next week on your favourite CasinoCoin merchandise! In store CSC Payments via XUMM xApp coming soon!