Eminence and Chimoney announce a groundbreaking partnership

Eminence Holdings continues to harness the power of blockchain and has joined forces with another formidable force on the XRP Ledger in order to bring even more utility to coin holders.

In Q4 of 2021, Eminence released its revolutionary ‘Casino Lobby’ within the XUMM wallet, and in doing so, gave their community access to true utility. Without resting on their laurels, they are now proud to announce another industry breakthrough…

Founded in January 2021, Chimoney aims to empower businesses globally to facilitate the movement of value including Gift Cards, Airtime or Phone minutes, Mobile Money like Mpesa, cash, & digital currencies.

Chimoney builds platforms, APIs and in-app embeddable apps to enable businesses to transfer value and increase the utility of their products, tokens or projects. In early December 2021, Chimoney launched ChiSpend, an easy to use embedded xApp allowing Xumm users to purchase gift cards, Airtime and Mobile Money with XRP and XRPL issued tokens. After initial conversations exploring options to collaborate, Chimoney created a simple API to allow third parties to utilise ChiSpend in their applications. With Chimoney’s API, third-party apps, websites and wallets can unleash additional utility for their users by enabling instant spending of tokens on products and services in the apps they already use and love. CasinoCoin is looking forward to working with Chimoney to build value for the ecosystem.

Speaking about the relationship, Uchi Uchibeke, Founder of Chimoney, remarked that, “The value being created and earned in gaming, virtual worlds and metaverses needs to be spent by the earners. Chimoney is making that possible and we’re looking forward to enabling earners of CasinoCoin to use their tokens for real products and services that add value to their lives.”

Daniel Keller, CTO of Eminence said: “I’m so excited to see more solutions to unlock value hitting the XRP Ledger. We’re delighted to be going live with Chimoney and to be telling our users more about these awesome solutions soon.”

About Eminence Holdings:

Eminence is an Isle of Man technology company that harnesses the power of blockchain to deliver frictionless customer experiences.


CasinoCoin is a digital currency, developed specifically for the regulated gaming industry.