Jack’s Back

We’re delighted to announce that Jack is making a welcome return to the Eminence and CasinoCoin team. After a 4 month hiatus, in which Jack was working with alternative projects on the XRPL, he’s taking back his CasinoCoin role as coordinator of marketing.

A long-standing member of CSCNation, the popular QuadJacks will be welcomed with open arms by both the existing team and our amazing community. From today, Jack will be an active presence in our public and private forums once again.

Jack: “When CasinoCoin emerged on the XRPL it set the bar for community engagement and brand recognition. Something was lost in the mix and I’m here to bring it back with a bit of education and a dose of spice.

This is where it gets even better. The CasinoCoin team is more specialised now, which allows me freedom to facilitate adoption of the XRPL/CSC ecosystem in creative ways. We’re going to merge utility with entertainment and drive traffic on a scale hitherto undreamt of. See you on the front lines #CSCNation!”

Jack achieved a considerable amount during his time working on the CasinoCoin project in the past. From revitalising the brand, to setting up the CasinoCoin blog and subsequently becoming a top writer for the gaming topic on Medium, Jack’s marketing oversaw a 300% increase in CSC usership. He was instrumental in securing key partnerships for the project, such as the ArtFX Metaverse development and Evan ‘Gripsed’ Jarvis becoming a CSC Ambassador.

During Jack’s hiatus, CasinoCoin has been busy working behind the scenes to boost the utility of the ecosystem. Here are some of the key developments made since then, just in case you missed it…

Back in November, the team announced the CSC Trust Line was added to D’CENT wallet, providing another storage option with embedded utility. November also saw the launch of CasinoCoin Lobby Beta 2.0, with further enhancements made to our xApp as we continued to prepare it for launch.

December was a particularly busy month for CasinoCoin as the team secured 3 new exchange listings. Hotbit, P2PB2B and LBank all listed CSC, expanding the reach of the CasinoCoin token and granting more trading opportunities for our users. On top of that, the team made the long-awaited announcement that the CasinoCoin Lobby xApp was ready to be launched, ushering in a new era for the ecosystem.

The beginning of 2022 saw CSC listed on SWFT decentralised exchange, becoming the 11th and most recent exchange listing for our token. The team followed this up with a series of announcements.

First, we announced the Chimoney partnership that offers holders the option to spend CSC tokens with major retailers such as Amazon, Uber, Microsoft and Apple. Next, we announced that Eminence would be supporting an XRPL Full History Node on the Isle of Man, helping to maintain the underlying infrastructure and enhancing the scalability of the CasinoCoin ecosystem. Most recently, the CasinoCoin team shared the integration of CoinsPaid — a significant technical advancement that simplifies the onboarding process for future casino partners.

The Eminence team is excited to be moving forwards from here, and the addition of Jack back into the ranks is another major milestone for the CasinoCoin project. Our community will be pleased to know that Jack’s trademark style and witty responses are here for good, and with that there’s only one thing left to say… Welcome back, QuadJacks!